As I Go

Originally Posted: September 1st, 2010

The lights are green all the way.
He washes down his sidewalk
Ready for the day.
The purveyors unload.
Dumpsters leak and their trails hits the street.
Crosswalk crowded as they head to their meeting,
Backpacks sagging.
A conversation through truck windows before the light.
Chairs come out to the sidewalk.
Garlic sizzles, then floats.
From coach house to Jetta to courthouse,
Just seven blocks for her.
Jerry finds treasure along the curb.
Cross country girls circle the park.
Handyman buckles up.
Old sidewalk under feet.
Long trenches in the street,
Dug, then filled,
Ready for wires and voices and tweets.
Turn right, then pull.
Code in, then off.
Good Morning.